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Can I access my emails from mobile ?

Yes, you have the possibility to set up the mailbox as an Exchange and synchronize all emails, contacts and appointments. Alternatively, a connection via IMAP,POP is possible, or you access via the Webgui.

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Is it possible to connect Outlook ?

Yes, you have the possibility to connect Outlook as Exchange and synchronize all emails, contacts and appointments.

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How will I be protected from spam and viruses ?

A spam and virus filter is already included and active in all tariffs.

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How long does the deployment take ?

The product is ready for use immediately after successful payment.

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Is my mailbox ad-free ?

Unlike free email providers, we do not use advertising to fund any of the email inboxes.

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Can I use my own domain ?

Your email addresses are accessible under your own domain (e.g. @company.com).

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How are my emails backed up ?

We create 1x per day a complete backup of all mailboxes, incl. Appointment entries and contacts.

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