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Do I have to move my domain?

No, if you already have a domain, you can leave it with your current provider or move it to us. If you do not want to move your domain you can use our DNS servers, or simply set an A record to us.

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How fast is the deployment?

The provision after receipt and payment of your order usually takes place within a few minutes.

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What is Plesk?

Plesk is the state-of-the-art dashboard for hosting all or many of the websites you set up and maintain. All configurations and controls are done through a very user-friendly graphical interface and do not require any technical knowledge. The dashboard is very clear and makes it easy to use without having to learn extensively.

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How does the homepage builder work?

The use of the homepage builder is very simple, you choose from one of over 300 templates the right layout, and add the desired content such as images , videos and texts simply by drag & drop.

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Will my website be backed up?

We create a full backup of the server once a night.

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