Share Free

0 month
  • Cloud Speicher: 5GB
  • Benutzer: 1
  • Kostenlose App
  • Onlyoffice inkl.
  • Einbinden als Netzlaufwerk

Share Mini

3.95 month
  • Cloud Speicher: 500GB
  • Benutzer: 1
  • Kostenlose App
  • Onlyoffice inkl.
  • Einbinden als Netzlaufwerk


5.95 month
  • Cloud Speicher: 1TB
  • Benutzer: 1
  • Kostenlose App
  • Onlyoffice inkl.
  • Einbinden als Netzlaufwerk

Share GROW

24.95 month
  • Cloud Speicher: 5TB
  • Benutzer: 1
  • Kostenlose App
  • Onlyoffice inkl.
  • Einbinden als Netzlaufwerk


Synchronize your data on any Linux, MAC or Windows PC / server, on your Android or Apple smartphone.

Network drive

Integrate our cloud as a network drive, whether Windows, Mac or Linux, and work as you would locally.

Back up photos and documents

Automatically back up your photos and documents from your smartphone to the cloud.

Share data

Share your data with friends or acquaintances using the share function

Picture gallery

Create picture galleries and share them with friends and family as required.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied, take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Web interface

Seafile’s web interface and thus the control center for Seafile users: upload, rename and delete files, share libraries with others and change folder structures – all this is possible via the intuitive front end. You can also find unconventionally stored files using the full-text search and you can restore older file versions or deleted files using the versioning function or the recycle bin. The integration of Onlyoffice turns Seafile into a powerful collaboration platform.

Seafile Sync Client

The Seafile Sync Client synchronizes your files on our server with your desktop computer: Synchronized libraries are saved locally and you can work in your familiar desktop environment. Your file changes are automatically uploaded to the Seafile server and shared with others. Of course, you can also edit all synchronized files offline. You work productively on the road as usual and the Sync Client ensures that changes are transferred to the server as soon as you go online again.


More efficient teamwork with Onlyoffice,

Edit files together and simultaneously. Comment directly in the document and invite users to edit files via a shared link. You are informed of changes in documents at the same time and can react immediately.

Yes, there is a mobile client for every Android smartphone, as well as for Iphone and Ipad.

Yes, you can use the add-on for Outlook to create and send shares directly.

Of course, we store your data exclusively in Germany,
You can download an AV contract via our customer center.

Your data is stored at our location in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Yes, you can, for example, automatically save all images created on your smartphone to the cloud. Our service is therefore also a data protection-compliant solution to Google Photos.

With cloud storage, you can back up all your data centrally in one place, giving you access to your data anytime, anywhere.
You can release individual files for download at any time using the release management function of our cloud solution,
Alternatively, it is also possible to upload data.

It is also possible to share an entire picture gallery as an example, so you can share your latest vacation pictures with your friends and family.

With our storage solution you can save all possible file formats.

Back up and synchronize your data on any device, e.g. save a video file on your Windows PC and play it on your smartphone.

Our promise

30-day money-back guarantee

Not satisfied ?, within the first 30 days you will get your money back (except domains).

Simply cancel

Cancel products you no longer need with just one click via our customer center.

Short contract term

Our products have a contract term of max. 4 weeks.

No small print

We speak in plain language !, and dispense with ” * ” or small print.

Energy-efficient and climate-friendly hosting

Climate protection and our environment are important to us. For this reason, we have been operating our technology in a data center powered by 100% renewable energy since 2016.